Why No Bottom Rockers?

The Harley Owners Group® logos you wear on your vests and jackets are intended to be worn with only one rocker – a top rocker proudly displaying your local chapter name. Article X “Trademark License” (#4) of the Annual Charter for H.O.G. Chapters states: “The current H.O.G. eagle logo shall be displayed only with the official chapter name, which official chapter name shall be displayed above the H.O.G. eagle logo and within the official H.O.G. chapter chevron.” Wearing a lower rocker conflicts with the trademark license granted with the Charter.

In the US the abbreviation “MC” or the wearing of a bottom rocker can have a special social meaning.  It is often used to designate territory.  It is reserved for the “MC” community and its members to designate affiliation to those mutually recognized in the “MC” world.

The vests and jackets of people wearing lower rockers may become objects needed by “prospects” of other (three-patch) motorcycle clubs as a requirement for membership.  Since the very early days there has been an agreement between H.O.G. and many other motorcycle clubs that as long as we do not authorize use of lower rockers, our vests and jackets will not be removed from our members. Norscot, our chapter patch supplier, does not, and will not, supply lower rockers. And, Harley Owners Group won’t authorize a chevron to go below the large H.O.G. patch.

This is true even if the “3rd” rocker is not designating a territory and merely a nickname or club name.  The use of a lower rocker violates the long lasting agreement that H.O.G. has had with the motorcycle club community. 

Remember it’s not only you that you affect by wearing a lower rocker but all of your brother and sisters in H.O.G.  Please follow the Charter and respect the above agreement to avoid putting yourself in conflict with those clubs that wear lower rockers. Wear the H.O.G. logo and your chapter chevron proudly … don’t wear a lower rocker!