Leading a chapter ride is a great way to share a new or favorite route with our members. If you are leading a ride for HOG #93, you will need to download and print each of the documents provided below. The Ride Sign-in sheet and any guest waivers must be completed before your ride departs. Once your ride is over, please submit the completed forms to the Head Road Captain. Important: If a member or guest is injured on your ride or event, you must complete an Injury Report before leaving the scene of the accident and mail or fax to the address and contact provided on the form as soon as possible.


Great ride experiences for members and guests are the key to success for any HOG chapter. But most important is the safety of our riders; this is job No1 for an effective ride leadership team. We at HOG #93 take our ride leadership seriously and to ensure everyone can enjoy the ride safely, we have provided group riding guidelines for our ride leaders and our ride participants. These guidelines come from our experience as ride leaders, from the feedback of our members and from various community resources, such as the MOTORCYCLE SAFETY FOUNDATION (MSF). Please take a moment to download and review our Group Riding and Leadership Best Practices below. And remember, every rider in the group takes part in the overall experience, so before you saddle up for your next group ride, make sure you are well-informed and prepared to contribute to a safe and enjoyable experience, for everyone.