The H.O.G. #93 Road Warrior Miles program rewards members for participation in chapter rides and for support of our charity events. Year-over-year, members who ride with the chapter will receive milestone patches and prizes for the highest chapter miles ridden each year (Top Ten riders). All you have to do to participate is come ride with us as a member, we’ll do the rest! Download the Road Warrior Miles program and rules below for more information.


Road Warrior Challenges are self-led chapter rides that provide a fun way to explore various roadways on your own schedule. Invite your friends or go it alone, it’s up to you – explore, have fun, ride! As part of the H.O.G. #93 Road Warrior Miles Program, chapter members who complete these challenges are rewarded with the miles assigned to each challenge ride. Miles earned go toward your annual and recurring miles tally. Challenges are thrown out periodically by the officer team and each challenge ride will be designed to give members a great ride experience, along with a little history about the areas in the challenge.


Ride 365 is The Mileage Recognition Program for The Official Riding Club of Harley-Davidson. Ride 365 includes the existing Lifetime Recognition and two new programs—Annual Recognition and an annual Chapter Challenge. HOG #93 members participate in the H-D Ride 365 program at the chapter level, as well as the other riding/mileage recognition programs from Harley Owners Group (Lifetime, Annual, Chapter and destination challenges including the Dealership Check-In Challenge and the new 50 Rides, One Nation and 10 Rides for ’20 Challenges). You can begin your Ride 365 by checking in at our dealership to get your bike’s beginning miles. For more information on this program, check out the RIDE 365 page at HOG National.


Our Safety Officer and Road Captain team frequently hold skills clinics throughout the ride year. These clinics typically focus on either individual or group riding skills, such as our U-Turn, Ride Leadership and Group Riding clinics. As a Harley-Davidson riding club, our focus is to ride and have fun, but our No1 goal as ride leaders is to provide a safe, enjoyable group riding experiences for all of our members.