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Ladies of Harley (LOH) is another benefit offered by the National Harley Owner's Group (H.O.G.). The only requirement for LOH membership is that you must be a current member of the National H.O.G. to join our local chapter, regardless of wether you are a full member, life member or associate member of H.O.G. If you are not an LOH member yet, go to the H.O.G. National website at www.hog.com. Once you join LOH you will recieve a LOH patch and pin. There is no additional charge to join LOH you simply check the box on your national application.

Ladies of Harley (LOH) is not a separate organization within H.O.G., but was established to encourage women to become more active members of the National H.O.G. and their local chapters - as both riders and passengers.

Ladies of Harley membership allows you to participate in all the LOH activities at various H.O.G. rallies and events (these may include workshops, seminars, photos, and other special events).

With the significant contributions often made by the lady members, we recognize the Ladies of Harley (LOH) to represent the best interests of the ladies in all functions of the chapter, and to encourage female members to take an active part in chapter activities.

We have some rides and events planned for ladies by ladies and are led by ladies, with ladies activity's in mind. Men are welcome to participate if they can keep up!

All ladies are welcome to participate and contribute in the planning of events and activities. If you have a suggestion for an activity you would like to do, please email the Ladies of Harley at loh@hog93.com.

There was a time when a woman riding a motorcycle was looked at with scorn. Thankfully, those days are long gone - thanks, in large part, to the many women who dare to get on the back of a Harley-Davidson and to the many women who own their own Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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